The Be All, End All of Bike Tool Giveaways


We've got a Ringtool to giveaway to one lucky BB reader. Photo: Reductivist

We’ve got a Ringtool to give away to one lucky BB reader. Photo: Reductivist

A while back we wrote about a Kickstarter campaign aimed at creating the one bike tool to rule them all–Ringtool. It was conceived by Jonathan Sabutis, a Greenpoint industrial designer who was looking for a multi-functional fix-it device for on-the-go bike maintenance, and wound up creating one that does 11 different things–and can crack open a beer–all while fitting on your key ring. We’re happy to report that Sabutis’ campaign was successful and his Bushwick-based company Reductivist is now manufacturing Ringtools in two different styles. To celebrate, he’s offered up a Ringtool for us to give away to a lucky BB reader. Enter to win by emailing us here. We’ll pick a winner on April 1.

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