Summer Reading Recs: A Book With Both Brains and Brawn


Tigerman by Nick Harkaway 2

Nick Harkaway has a knack for creating big, brawny adventure stories that incorporate the best of genre fiction (sci fi or spy thriller, for example), while also managing to have a lot of brains and a lot of heart. His newest offering, Tigerman, riffs on the thrilling traditions of superhero comics, while posing sly questions about globalism, environmental damage, and even the responsibilities of fatherhood. An ex-soldier and minor British bureaucrat posted to a tiny island scheduled for demolition, Lester Ferris’ primary job is to not do anything, especially about the shady international dealings happening in the island’s legal limbo. But as he grows to love the citizens of the island, especially one seemingly orphaned boy, he finds himself compelled to take action, and the hero Tigerman is born. Awesome action scenes, local color, social commentary, a little romance, and some shocking surprises make this a perfect summer treat.–Jessica Stockton Bagnulo, Greenlight Bookstore

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