Summer Reading Recs: Man vs. Mars


The Martian by Andy Weir

Everyone likes MacGyver: He’s cool under pressure, has great hair and he’s so handy! Now imagine MacGyver on Mars, looking into the sky, watching his spaceship take off while he holds a roll of his signature duct tape. Most people would let the air out of their suit. Not MacGyver! MacGyver shrugs and then he starts collecting his own poop so he can grow some potatoes.

In The Martian by Andy Weir, MacGyver’s name is Mark Watney. He’s both a botanist and mechanical engineer, so he’s pretty much the ideal candidate for life stranded on Mars. (He makes his own water!) Andy Weir, the author, makes him funny and loveable, and grounds the man-versus-nature story with realistic details, relying on existing technology to make Mark’s struggle that much more intense.

The Martian is a page turner, perfect summer reading and an interesting look at what it will take for us to survive on the red planet. Also, I giggled a lot.

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