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Mashed avocado on multi-grain toast--avocado toast--is more than the sum of its parts. Photo: Annaliese Griffin

Mashed avocado on multi-grain toast–avocado toast–is more than the sum of its parts. Photo: Annaliese Griffin

Blame it on the Aussies. Thanks to a special E3 visa, Australian professionals have been arriving in droves, and bringing with them a demand for Down Under café cultureThe hallmarks of these cafés? Top-notch coffee and a small-yet-satisfying “brekkie” menu, including an Aussie staple: avocado toast.

A subset of the general NYC toast renaissance (no, we’re not kidding), avocado toast in its purest form involves smashed (not sliced) avocado seasoned with citrus and salt, spread atop a thick slice of toasted multigrain bread. This simple combination of crunch, creaminess and tang has launched a thousand copycats with additions from runny eggs to dukkah–an Egyptian spice blend.

Here we bring you the roadmap to crispy, crunchy avocado toast perfection: the seven best slices in all of Brooklyn.

The O.G. One of the first landmarks in the wave of Australian coffee shops, Toby’s Estate in Williamsburg dishes up their tahini- and sesame-topped slices alongside flat whites (essentially small lattes, though the order of operations for the drink is slightly different) and Doughnut Plant doughnuts. They also do a Vegemite and butter toast if you really want to go for some down under flavors.

Avo All the Way Owned and operated by a pair of ambitious native Aussies, Brunswick Café in Bed-Stuy isn’t afraid to let its avocado flag fly. Their venerable slice comes topped with avocado, whipped feta and the aforementioned dukkah. Bonus: the menu also includes a kale, apple and avocado sandwich with goat cheese.

Spice It Up Another Aussie import, Milk Bar Brooklyn in Prospect Heights is an MVP on the coffee and brekkie scene. Their Avocado salsa toast ups the ante with the addition of diced red onion and tomato, a spike of lime juice, a sprinkle of cilantro—and an optional runny-yolked egg.

Best In Show Though it’s New York born and bred, Iris Café in Brooklyn Heights is anything but timid when it comes to their avocado toast. Dubbed “the best avocado toast in Brooklyn” by Guest of a Guest, you can snack on a plain slice or add a soft poached egg to the mix.

Smooth Moves Baba Cool’s trendy menu is perfectly geared towards its trendy Fort Greene location. They have an entire section devoted just to toast (what’d we tell you?), but we’d raise our plates for their version with smashed avocado, chili flakes and cumin on toasted foccacia.

Under the Radar Dillinger’s in Bushwick is the definition of neighborhood gem: this full-service coffee shop, tea room and café—founded by two Russian women—is known for drawing a local crowd. Russian influences permeate the cuisine, including their avo slice with radish, micro-greens and mustard dill sauce.

The Avocats  French chain Le Pain Quotidien is known for open-face tartines piled high with fresh ingredients. Their latest incarnation? The top-it-yourself avocado mash at their Brooklyn Heights location, served with a side of chewy baguette.

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  1. Jo -

    They may identify as Aussie, but I’ve been eating avacado toast (sliced or mashed) for 30+ yrs. in California. Am sure there is no cultural relevancy but it was my Italian next door neighbor with whom I shared coffee/talk/fun who interested me to it. One can think of it as a BLTA with only the “A” and one slice of toast.


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