First Bites: Cream Doughnuts Makes Its Debut in Bay Ridge


Hot chocolate with marshmallows doughnut at Cream Doughnuts. (David Chiu)

A hot chocolate with marshmallows doughnut pairs nicely with a cup of tea at Cream Doughnuts. Photo: David Chiu

When it comes to doughnuts here in Bay Ridge, we longtime residents know where to go for some sweet fried dough. First, there are the mom-and-pop standbys like Mike’s Donuts near 69th Street and 5th Avenue and Leske’s Bakery on 76th Street and 5th Avenue. And of course, there’s always the ubiquitous Dunkin’ Donuts. But unlike such Doughnut Plant in Chelsea, or Doughnuttery in Union Square, Bay Ridge isn’t exactly known for its high-brow variations of the treat beyond the jellied and glazed varieties–at least the last time I checked.

That was the case until the arrival of a new establishment on Third Avenue called Cream Doughnuts, which opened in a small space that was once one-half of a dry cleaner. With the motto Coffee. Donuts. Life., Cream Doughnuts offers upscale donuts, macarons and pastries–plus Stumptown coffee and a variety of teas. It’s just the latest eatery–along with another recently-opened place, the Coffee Lab–that’s bringing a bit of a downtown hipster sensibility to the neighborhood.

Some of the doughnuts at Cream Donughts (David Chiu)

Flavors at Cream Doughnuts, include peanut butter and jelly and  hot chocolate with marshmallows  Photo: David Chiu

On my first visit to Cream Doughnuts, one late afternoon there were a few interesting doughnut offerings ($2 each), among them a hot chocolate with marshmallows, and a peanut butter and jelly, I chose the first one along with a tea. Speaking as someone who has been content with Dunkin’ Donuts pretty much all his life, I was surprised when I took my first bite of the thing: it tasted and felt more like a piece of cake than fried dough. Almost like the name of the establishment, this doughnut felt more textured and smooth rather than something really heavy.

Macarons. (David Chiu)

Macarons come in flavors like Nutella and pumpkin spice. Photo: David Chiu


There is also a non-doughnut pastry selection at Cream Doughnuts. Photo: David Chiu

Overall, the vibe at Cream Doughnuts is pretty relaxing with a few tables and chairs inside, and the people behind the counter were very friendly and accommodating. In the meantime, I am looking forward to sampling more varieties of doughnuts. There were also pastries and some very colorful macarons, in flavors like Nutella, raspberry and pumpkin cinnamon on offer. It’s going to be hard now to decide which doughnut place to visit since Cream is only one block away from the nearest Dunkin’ Donuts. Do I go for fancy a peanut butter and jelly doughnut at Cream, or do I stick with my usual favorite Boston Kreme at Dunkin’s? Either way, that’s a dilemma my stomach doesn’t mind facing.

Cream Doughnuts is located on 7210 3rd Ave. in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Hours are generally 8am to 7pm.

3 Responses

  1. MG from WT -

    Mike’s Donuts is on 5th Avenue off 69th St. (Bay Ridge Avenue), not 68th Street and 3rd Avenue. Reasonably priced, good quality and decidedly unhip. Do we really need an “artisanal” donut shop in Bay Ridge? And thanks for nothing, Coffee Lab. Not every neighborhood in the City needs or wants a new hipster hangout.

  2. donut fan -

    you guys are jerks and idiots.
    opening a donut shop is also “working for a living.”
    i don’t have a donut shop in my neighborhood, but really wish i did.
    quit complaining and eat a donut.


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