Gifts to Ward Off Spirits and Style Your Home from Old Hollywood


The words “Old Hollywood” say almost everything you need to know about this Greenpoint boutique that opened on Franklin Street six years ago. Like the name suggests, this well-curated shop is stocked with stylish goods for men and women that all carry a trace of the glamor of the past. What that means is that whether you shop online or visit the store, you will score at least one spirited gift or stocking stuffer for someone on your list. The mix of vintage-inspired clothing, accessories and home goods by local and iconic designers offers lots of options, whether you’re shopping for your fashionable sister, your dapper man, or yourself. Because you will stumble upon something you covet, and given their reasonable prices for quality, one-of-a kind pieces, it would be criminal not to treat yourself. Here are just five divine ideas.

Pendleton Motor Robe: This blanket carries a great deal of history, and the lucky recipient will be sure to appreciate its signifcance, and softness, each time they cuddle up beneath it. When Pendleton began making 100% pure virgin wool blankets in 1895, they were often used as a welcome companion for those traveling by horse-drawn carriage. Today their Northwestern woolen mills are among the few in the U.S. that remain in operation, and the blankets they weave still make for an attractive adornment to curl up at home with, or take on the road. It also comes with a convenient leather carrier with handle and shoulder strap. $98

Wild Unknown Tarot Deck and Guidebook: 2015 is around the corner. Do you know what the future holds? This 78-card tarot deck will help your favorite seeker find the answer to their fate, and yours, since you were thoughtful enough to give them this gift. Each pack is intricately illustrated and comes in a beautiful box with a black lifting ribbon and a fold-out guide to get you familiar with the cards. If you need more coaching, there’s also a tarot guidebook to help you on your journey. $44 and $22

Cage Light: This cage light is made in-house at Old Hollywood, which means you won’t ever walk into another apartment and spot one just like yours (and if you do, you’ll know the owner has similarly good taste). A six-foot green cloth covered wire makes it easy to hang from the ceiling or drape over a wall mount, and it comes with a 40-watt Edison bulb, so you can light up your space immediately. $78

Natura Signet Ring: Digby & Iona is one of the many local designers Old Hollywood features, and this oxidized sterling silver ring is one of their newest styles. Aside from the super-cool insignia, which depicts an eagle carrying away a rabbit in brass or 14k yellow gold, with the phrase “‘Natura Non Constritatur’–Latin for ‘Nature Is Not Saddened’–it actually doubles as a wax seal and comes with one stick of red J.Herbin sealing wax. It’s hard to top a piece of jewelry that’s not only a conversation piece, but seals correspondence, too. $230

Deus Cuff : This cuff takes its name from the Latin word Deus, meaning god or divine being, and is meant to symbolize divine protection. So whoever your Wonder Woman is–be it your girlfriend, your sister, or your BFF–this is the piece for her. (Or yourself. You need to ward off evil, too.) Handmade in high polished brass and oxidized Sterling silver, you can wear it on the forearm or wrist, and since each one is made to order, you should place yours soon to guarantee Christmas delivery. $110

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