Hop over to the Bunny Bar


Last fall BB contrib Meredith Craig de Pietro toured four Brooklyn chocolate factories, including Fine & Raw, whose name is a nod to the fact that they do not process their chocolate over 150 degrees, making their 100% organic and plant-based bars a raw food product.

“Fine & Raw believe that chocolate is a super food,” she explains, “and that without the refined sugar of say, a Hershey bar, chocolate is actually very good for you.”

Well, if that’s the case, then Easter Sunday is the perfect time to head to their Bushwick factory and indulge in their health food. April 1 marks the first day of their new Sunday hours, when they’ll be open from 12-6pm serving truffles, hot chocolate, and milkshakes as well as their brand-new Bunny Bar. This Easter special is really their Lucuma & Vanilla bar, made with the South American fruit lucuma for a creamy, marshmallow-bread pudding flavor, but specially wrapped for the holiday in label designed by Brooklyn-based artist Peter Moulthrop.

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