David Sedaris, live and in person


If you feel up for braving a book-loving crowd on Sunday afternoon, the one and only David Sedaris will be appearing at Books Are Magic from 4-5pm on June 3 to discuss his newest collection of essays, Calypso. In this book, Sedaris turns his famous brand of dark, hilarious humor and keen powers of observation towards aging and the contemplation of one’s own mortality. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to see Sedaris read his work aloud (or even caught one of his bajillion pieces on NPR or a book on tape), you’ll understand that Books Are Magic expects that this free, first come, first served event will be packed, and they’re suggesting you line up very early if you want to score a seat. If you don’t make it inside, they will be piping the audio through a speaker outside, and Sedaris has evidently promised to stay afterward and sign books as long as there are people who want to meet him.

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