A one-week roller rink is popping up at Flux Factory


Why has no one raised the capital for a mammoth year-round roller rink in New York City? (Sorry, Staten Island, you’re so hard to get to you don’t count.) If shuffleboard can keep the crowds lining up in Gowanus, then surely a place to roller disco all year long would do just fine. Luckily there are two — two! —roller rink pop-ups this winter. We’ve visited the Dreamland rink in Industry City (word to the wise: if you want to skate on a weekend night, you need to buy tickets well in advance). But a new, weeklong rink called Rinkworm will take place at Flux Factory from Feb. 11-17. It’s part art exhibition, designed by the Springboard Collective, part interactive fun, with 2,000 square feet to skate on and 32 skates available for rent (maybe it’s time to just invest in a pair?). The best part: It’s all free. So arrive early for their open hours Mondays through Wednesdays, or their live performances and DJs on the weekend. The full schedule is here.

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