A new tasting room at Industry City to visit


Photo: Barrow’s Intense

I love ginger. I love fresh ginger, pickled ginger, ginger candy chews, ginger ale, and ginger tea. So it stands to reason that I will love something called Intense Ginger Liqueur. This specialty liqueur by Barrow’s is based right here in Brooklyn and made without any additives or use of extracts. According to the brand, there are only 4 ingredients: ginger, water, sugar, and a cane neutral base. Plus, there are more than 200 pounds of ginger in each batch! They already serve it at many Brooklyn bars and restaurants (Alma, Clinton Hall, Alamo Drafthouse, among others) and sell it at local wine and liquor stores, but the way I want to try it for the first time is at their new tasting room which just opened in Industry City. This intimate bar has over 150 spirits, where you can taste your way through flights, craft cocktails, or sweets made in collaboration with Blue Marble Ice Cream and Li-Lac Chocolates. I’m looking forward to a date night trying ginger-spiked cocktails and then either roller skating next door or catching the Blonde Redhead concert on June 14th.

Barrow’s Intense Ginger Liqueur Tasting Room, 86 34th Street, Industry City

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