Reading ‘Lolita’ in America at The Center for Fiction


Some folks seem weary of having discussions about the merits of artists’ work versus said artists’ bad behavior/the troublesome content of their work. I think they want to put the matter to rest, like what they like, and not question the works and legacies of “masters.” I, on the other hand, really enjoy them; it’s interesting to learn more about artists and helpful to have more context around artwork in general, so I’m excited to check out a panel discussion, “Reading Lolita in America,” at the still-somewhat-new Center for Fiction. Four writers, including Sarah Weinman, author of The Real Lolita: A Lost Girl, An Unthinkable Crime, and a Scandalous Masterpiece, will discuss Vladimir Nabokov’s revered and controversial novel on Thursday, September 26 at 7pm. Admission is $10, which also includes $10 off a purchase at the bookstore.

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