Four inspired Thanksgiving sides and pies from local chefs


Photo: Jennifer Indig

If you are planning your own Thanksgiving feast or thinking about what side dish or dessert to bring as a guest, you are likely knee-deep in recipe research by now. In search of a little inspiration, Brooklyn Based asked four local chefs to share their favorite Thanksgiving sides and pies. I spent the better part of the week cooking through recipes in advance of the holiday and the results were well worth the effort. These recipes offer some refreshing new takes and twists on classics like a seared brussels sprouts recipe with a surprising glaze by Ronna Welsh of Purple Kale Kitchenworks and a pumpkin pie-cheesecake hybrid by Caren Tommasone, Executive Pastry Chef at Poppy’s Catering. I also turned to veteran Food and Wine editor, Dana Cowin, now the host of Speaking Broadly, for her classic take on apple pie. And we consulted Loren Michelle, founder of Naturally Delicious, for the centerpiece of their vegan Thanksgiving menu, roasted acorn squash stuffed with colorful cranberries and kale.

So whether you never like to veer from tradition on Thanksgiving, or you want a fresh option for your table, you’ll find a recipe here worthy of your feast.




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