Make a face mask for yourself or health care workers in need


Photo: Hastings Sewing Studio

As we all shelter in place and wait with dread, trying to guess when the worst of the coronavirus outbreak will be over, hospital staff are suffering a shortage of necessary supplies to help patients without getting sick themselves. A friend who runs the Hastings Sewing Studio sent an email with all the instructions on how to make a face mask, a proeject for the sewing community and the ambitious that will occupy your mind and help others.

While only 50% effective, and meant to be used as a last resort per CDC guidelines, hospitals are already making their own face masks, and there are hospitals in the country that have asked for homemade masks.

A Midwest health system called Deaconess now has a database of clinics and hospitals seeking masks; this is their list of NYC organizations seeking mask donations. Bushwick textile studio and boutique Better than Jam has a list of other resources.

Beyond making masks for health care workers, you can also undertake this project for yourself, an immunocompromised friend or relative in quarantine, or for a Corona Courier messenger (email them if you’d like to donate one to a volunteer messenger delivering supplies to New Yorkers in need of home delivery).

Following are the DIY face mask instructions from Hastings Sewing Studio:

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  1. tracy waaka -

    Did you hear back from anyone? I made some masks, but don’t know who or how to donate them!

    • Nicole Davis -

      Hi Tracy! Have you tried Corona Couriers, who are making deliveries to those who need to stay home? They have said that they could use them — and could likely pick up from you! coronacourier at protonmail dot com

      • tracy waaka -

        Thanks so much! I emailed, but have yet to hear back . @betterthanjam has some helpful information.

        • Nicole Davis -

          Thanks, that’s great info — just updated the post with her resources.


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