05/04/17 11:50am
Total Beacon Immersion

Photo by @amandaromayne via Instagram.

On July 22, we’re taking a field trip to the Hudson Valley for The Total Beacon Immersion, our first Immersion with Brooklyn Brewery outside of NYC! Join us for an epic day spent exploring downtown Beacon’s pubs, boutiques and galleries, all accessible by Metro-North.

For the past seven summers Brooklyn Based and Brooklyn Brewery have lured New Yorkers away from their well-worn paths to explore new neighborhoods through its Immersion series. Each daylong event brings together a couple hundred people to experience a neighborhood’s best bars, shops, cafes, landmarks and creative spaces. Often we revisit our favorite neighborhoods. This year our series ventures to a few places we’ve never Immersed before, like Beacon, NY.

Confirmed participants to date include Draught Industries, where Immersion goers will get a free Brooklyn beer, Stock Up where you can dig into a “Big Bird” lunch special and beer, the new Beacon Hotel for Brooklyn beer special, Kaight, for 20% off all non-sale merchandise, and Utensil. More to be announced soon–and get in touch if you’d like to join us!

Tickets, $25, on sale here, are exchanged the day of the event for a pack of WAM (walking around money) redeemable for a Brooklyn Brewery beer at four different bars, lunch plus deals at local shops. You can also opt for a $15 express ticket for just the beers and the deals.

See you in Beacon this summer–and be sure to join us on our other 2017 Immersions!

12/01/14 4:00pm
Beacon ( Chad Kamenshine)

Beacon | Photo: Chad Kamenshine

The electronic duo Beacon chose a fitting name–their arresting music emits a spark that signals something quite majestic and sublime. Last year, the team of Thomas Mullarney III and Jacob Gossett put out a wonderful full-length album titled The Ways We Separate, a collection of tracks that are delicate and dreamy in mood, buoyed by intricate beats and sweeping atmospherics. Tomorrow, Beacon releases a new EP, L1, which is a further extension of the sounds explored on the previous album. As Gossett said in a recent press release announcing the EP: “Our records have often been described as moments after the night has given way, a ‘comedown after the club.’ Hopefully, this record inspires people to go back out for one more.” (more…)

04/10/14 4:00pm
On the trail in Peekskill. Photo: Gabrielle Sierra

You can hit the trail in Peekskill after just an hour on the train. Photo: Gabrielle Sierra

Every once in a while you’ve got to spirit yourself out of the city to reset your brain. Here are three trips, no car necessary, that will have you breathing clean country air at lunchtime, and then back in Brooklyn in time for bed–unless of course you decide to really treat yourself and stay the night.

Hiking in Peekskill

New York City’s parks are wonderful, but sometimes you need a more challenging hike than you can find in Prospect Park’s Ravine. Blue Mountain Reservation in Peekskill, just an hour away on the train, has hiking and cycling trails, beautiful views, and best of all, a brewery nearby to get a bite and a pint before heading home.

To get there, hop a Metro North train at Grand Central to Peekskill. The ride ranges from $11.75-$22.00 each way depending on the day and time–on the weekend a round-trip ticket will run you $23.50 and trains leave once an hour starting at 6:43am.

Once you arrive in Peekskill, grab a cab (if there’s not one at the station, call Royal House Taxi, 914-293-0807) or take a half-hour walk through town–about a mile and a half–to Blue Mountain Reservation at 45 Welcher Avenue. At just over 1,500 acres, the park features trails for hiking, nature spotting and mountain biking. Most of the paths range from easy to moderate and following the middle of the road blue trails is usually best as they’re challenging but not grueling. If you’re looking for something steeper, the path up the side of Blue Mountain is perfect. Entry is free, just be sure to either download or grab a hard copy of a trail map. If you drive, parking is $10.  There are also extensive mountain biking trails, and bikes are allowed on Metro North with a bike permit, which is just $5.

Try a beer flight at the Peekskill Brewery. Photo: Gabrielle Sierra

Try a beer flight at the Peekskill Brewery. Photo: Gabrielle Sierra

Once you’ve had your fill of nature, make your way back through town to the Peekskill Brewery (47-53 S Water Street), conveniently located right across from the train station. The brewery offers their own beers as well as selections from other nearby brewers, and flights are available. If beer isn’t your thing, their wine list has a New York focus, there are close to a dozen ciders available, many made locally, and they specialize in quirky Bloody Marys. The brewery also has a restaurant with views of the river, and a limited (but super tasty) menu is available in the taproom. Relax! The last train doesn’t leave until 11:35pm (though the 10:35pm is direct and will get you back faster).–G.S.

There is more to Beacon than the Dia museum. Street art, galleries and shops dot the town's Main Street. Photo: Michael Hyman via Flickr.

There is more to Beacon than the Dia museum. Street art, galleries and shops dot the town’s Main Street. Photo: Michael Hyman via Flickr.

Art and Fleas in Cold Spring and Beacon

Beacon is synonymous with the Dia: Beacon art center, and for anyone who appreciates conceptual art, it’s well worth the pilgrimage to see John Chamberlain’s junkyard carcasses, and Sol leWitt’s very orderly wall drawings. If you suspect you will be unimpressed with the minimalists and are annoyed by phrases like “negative sculpture,” skip the museum. Visit Beacon just for the gorgeous train ride and a day spent popping into eclectic shops and galleries along the town’s very long Main Street. And if you’ve got a car, you can also hit two flea/artisan markets. (more…)

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