Outdoor Drinks, the Twitter Feed for the Discriminating Summer Drinker


Curbed created a brilliant service a few years back when it started a twitter feed dedicated to sharing traffic conditions to the Hamptons in summer. (I don’t even go to the Hamptons, and I thought it was smart.)

So, inspired by their social media PSAs, BB has started one for outdoor drinking in New York (though we expect it to be very Brooklyn-centric, considering that’s mainly where we drink). It’s called OutdoorDrinks, and you  can use it to tweet your questions and report the “drinking conditions” at outdoor bars around town. If you’re at Loreley and it’s packed, feel free to warn folks that they probably won’t find a seat (as in: “@outdoordrinks: Loreley is packed, no seats”). If you happen upon The Gate and find a few empty tables, broadcast it to your friends in need of a cold beer outdoors. Ditto for any bar in the city–we’d love to get status reports from places like the Standard Beer Garden below the High Line and are curious about the Colicchio & Sons pop-up beer garden coming there soon. Some of us do venture beyond the borough, or will travel for an outdoor drink.

We’ll be re-tweeting your reports (and sending ours) to @OutdoorDrinks followers, so everyone can benefit from it. So start tweeting at us. We look forward to coming up with creative tags like #douchealert together.

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