What’d You Do This Weekend?


Name: Tiffani Argentina
Age: 22
Neighborhood: Dyker Heights
Occupation: Makeup Artist
Status: Single

Friday: My weekend started off with a stop at Betty Nails on 13th Avenue for a manicure and pedicure–shiny seafoam green on my hands and a matte sky blue on my feet. I then walked over to my family’s house so I could go out for some light fare with my dad and sisters. We went to Gino’s on 5th Avenue in Bay Ridge (some of the best Italian food in Brooklyn!). I had a couple of glasses of their delicious white sangria. No one was really too hungry so we ordered a bunch of appetizers: fried zucchini, shrimp cocktail, bruschetta, and baked clams with garlic bread, mmmm… After dinner my sister came over my apartment to paint her nails while I got ready to go out. Put on some Beirut and drank some Jameson while I did my makeup. My regular Friday night plans (Trash at Webster Hall) fell through and I found myself on the dance floor of Beauty Bar. Drinking more whiskey, of course.

Saturday: Saturday morning found me awake surprisingly early. I cleaned my room, showered, and headed out to Williamsburg to check out Artists & Fleas. It is definitely the place to go for unusual jewelry and vintage wear. After the flea, I headed down to check out Smorgasburg. I wanted lemonade but the line was ridiculously long. Instead I headed to Bedford to find some food. On the way I stopped into Buffalo Exchange to try on lots of really cute clothes that sadly didn’t fit… It took me forever to walk down Bedford to Bliss Cafe because of all the street vendors selling shiny baubles and books. I really wanted jewelry, but I decided to buy an original copy of Bukowski’s Notes of a Dirty Old Man. I finally made it to Bliss where I had a delicious black bean burrito with cheddar cheese (they have soy cheese for vegans too), sweet potatoes and mushrooms. I sat there drinking an iced coffee until it was time to head back to the city. I met my friend Sasha for drinks. We ended up on 1st Ave. at Baron for some wine and cider for me and beers for her. We sat at a table by the window and listened to some blues. I would have loved to stay there but we had to head up to Midtown near Times Square to see my friend Dan play at Hurley’s. The show was on the last floor, it had a full bar and a beautiful outdoor patio. Danced and drank more wine and cider and my boss bought us all tequila shots (oh boy).

Sunday: Sunday again found me waking up early to go to the beach with my sister. We headed to West 33rd (in Coney) with a cooler full of Snapples, water and Naked Juice. I also had a sesame seed bagel with lox which is kind of a gross thing to eat on the beach when you’re hungover. I didn’t even really want it or know what I did want but the guy at the bagel store knows my order so he automatically made it for me. My sis and I swam and sunbathed until 6pm. We also made lots of friends throughout the day. Brooklyn is the only place you can sit on the beach and have random people– your new “friends”–buy you beers and offer you watermelon, potato croquettes, and rice balls.

Rating: 4.5. Things were pretty tame but I had a blast! The beach, dancing until the lights come on and seeing my friends perform have got to be my three favorite things.

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