Call Us Brooklyn-esque


This is from “You Say You Want a Devolution?” an article in which Vanity Fair writer Kurt Andersen argues that popular culture, from fashion to pop music has been “stuck on repeat” for the past 20 years, (the pace of technological advances, atavism and the possible beginnings of catastrophic decline are all identified as culprits).

I love this for for vitriolic use of hypens, the wide net of disdain he’s casting, the sheer length of the sentence and the term Brooklyn-esque. Look for a new blog called that soon.

And many of those young and young-at-heart Apple cultists-cum-consumers, having popped in for their regular glimpse and whiff of the high-production-value future, return to their make-believe-old-fashioned lives–brick and brownstone town houses, beer gardens, greenmarkets, local agriculture, flea markets, steampunk, lace-up boots, suspenders, beards, mustaches, artisanal everything, all the nea-19th-century signifiers of state-of-the-art Brooklyn-esque and Portlandish American hipsterism.

Didn’t he forget burlesque? And when IS someone going to get around to bringing back the petticoat?

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