Full Steam Ahead


Books and booze and buffoonery—oh my! If there’s anything better than an evening spent curled up with a book, it’s an evening spent out drinking with friends at a bookstore where comedians-cum-humor writers read aloud, bringing their words to hilarious, vivid life. As winter trudges on, sometime the biggest intellectual endeavor you want to struggle with at a book reading is how to not end up with wine spraying out your nose from laughing too hard. Bob Powers, comedian and author of Happy Cruelty Day, has your back, and so happily hosts such an event monthly. Christened the good ship Steamboat, it returns this Thursday to Greenlight; also enlisted are the likes of Big Terrific’s Max Silvestri, NPR’s Starlee Kine, and Chris Gethard (we’re not even touching that last name) to make sure you remember that books are way more hilarious than you thought since retrying Tolstoy for that New Year’s resolution.

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