Trade Up! Kitchen Swap


In our collective home offices of Brooklyn Based, we have about a dozen unopened spices, cookbooks we haven’t flipped through in a year, dishes, bowls and gadgets that are collecting dust because we’ve since found newer tools to crush, mix and mince.

This meat grinder is for a Cuisinart mixer. We own a Kitchenaid.

If you like to cook as much as us, we bet you’ve got the same pileup in your kitchen. So we’re inviting you to the Trade Up! Kitchen Swap at Brooklyn Brewery next Thursday, February 23 from 7:30 to 10 pm, where you can bring in your tired cooking tools and trade up for fresh goods.

How fresh? At last year’s kitchen swap, one of us walked away with a lobster pot and foie gras, and some lucky bastard scored a bread machine. This year, one guest has already promised to bring in a brand-new, unopened Breville Control Grip hand blender with a bunch of accessories. (We looked it up–that’s worth 100 bucks.)

During the event we’ll also announce the winners of over 20 excellent dinners, drinks, brunches and cooking classes around Brooklyn, as part of our winter subscriber drive through Feb. 23. So sign up by Thursday to win a prize (if you’re lucky)! And, we’ll have some rad door prizes to give away throughout the night, including Stumptown coffee, chocolates from Nunu, the Locally Grown gift set from With Love from Brooklyn, a cookbook gift bag, and two tickets (available here) to Mary’s Maple Porter Brunch at the Brewery on Saturday, February 25, with all-you-can-eat waffles from Wafels & Dinges, bacon, and free-flowing porter.

We're looking to score a covered Pyrex casserole dish, the Friendship pattern if possible.

This latest Brewmaster’s Reserve will be on tap at the swap, too, and the Food Freaks truck will join us, so you can get a grilled cheese (we’re especially fond of their short rib-gruyere-pickled onion combo) to go with your beer. Or feel free to bring your own homemade treats. Any item big or small is worthy of trading–be it a bag of cardamom pods (unopened, please), cookies, a vintage gravy boat, or your hand cranked ice cream maker (pretty please). We’ll have tables arranged by price range and category, so you’ll be able to bring home the true value–or close to it–of what you bring in.

The event costs $5, but admission is free if you’re a new subscriber to Brooklyn Based (who has signed up in the past 30 days) or you bring a new subscriber as your plus one.

Remember, nobody likes a hoarder. So RSVP here and be sure to tell everyone what you’re bringing.

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