Industriously Entertaining


The relationship between man and machine has provided some of the richest material for films and filmmakers, inspiring everything from Fritz Lang’s Metropolis to James Cameron’s Terminator. Rooftop Films will be exploring the heavier metal side of that coin with their annual Industriance event, which will put a cultural focus on industry and people and how the two change the world we live in, which is crazy relevant to Gowanus now as it works through its shifting identity. The night is slated with nine film shorts from all over the world, an interactive multimedia art piece, live music, and will be held at the Old American Can Factory, which is worth the trip alone. If the Tin Man and Optimus Prime had a baby, and a crazy Victorian mansion and a hipster artisan commune had a baby, and those two babies had a baby– it would be the Old American Can Factory, the most picturesque melding of the human and the industrial we’ve seen so far. Tickets are $12 and available here.

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