Pit Bull Party


The Animal Farm Foundation aims to change the bad reputation that pit bulls (or Brooklyn terriers as we like to call them) get thanks to a few bad owners who train them to be violent. The foundation provides support for owners and training for the dogs and they also have dogs for adoption. This Thursday, Gristle Tattoo is holding an art fundraiser in which 100% of proceeds will go to the Animal Farm Foundation. The shop, specializing in vegan tattoos, will also be providing snacks, wine and beer. So even if you can’t adopt a pit bull (Brooklyn apartments are typically way too small to house a big dog), you have the option to lend a hand to ’em by purchasing some cool artwork, and getting a nice buzz at no cost. And take a look at Willow Brook and try to say she isn’t the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. Go ahead, try! (You can’t.)

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  1. Aspiretooent -

    Pit Training is so
    important to having a loving and well-adjusted Pit Bull. This breed’s reputation
    is so negative that it is up to each individual owner to take responsibility
    for their pits training.  When a Pit Bull is well trained it will be the
    best friend you could ever imagine.


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