Hey You Guys! Did you Know that The Newsroom is Pretty Awesome?


Charlie Skinner makes the loss of Jack McCoy more bearable.


I know I’m late to the game here, and that’s my perpetual lot in TV life, to watch series only after people have been talking about them for months, but seriously, The Newsroom? I started watching it last night after months of anticipation. No one told me that Sam Waterston plays bow-tied, alcoholic, kindly yet ferocious news executive! What a DELIGHT. And I won’t even get into how much I love Jane Fonda as the shadowy, tough, fictional version of Ted Turner. See, sometimes the internet doesn’t ruin everything.

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  1. Anonymous -

    The acting is great, so are the stories. But the left-wing, liberal slant makes me want to vomit.

  2. tristed -

    There is no slant big guy….its exactly what it is the truth….thats the point…its fact..if you think its slanted liberal..you’re probably a right wing extremist…from the far right (which is where facts come from) looks pretty left…..the show actually sounds like a republican pissed off at his party…


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