Backyard in Bed-Stuy


For some reason, I have only been to Do or Dine once, which is ridiculous given how much time I spend recommending it to people. Even worse, it was in the winter, so I didn’t even realize they had a backyard until I read that they are hosting Rub-A-Grub, a music and food blowout, in it this Labor Day. With a menu of appetizers and drink specials designed by chefs George McNeese and Justin Warner, the too-cool-for-culinary-school duo that put foie gras donuts on the map, you will never go hungry, and you might not be able to stop talking about what you ate, Brokelandia style. These guys know their music too, and have gotten DJ superstar Rich Medina, among others, to spin the perfect soundtrack to the last great party of the summer. General admission is $20, and a $35 VIP ticket gets you three free snacks and two drinks. —K.H.

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