Campy Creep Show


I hate when I get busy in October, Halloween sneaks up all of a sudden, and I am forced to spend the evening of the 30th fending off the masses at one of those impossibly crowded temporary costume stores, cursing my lack of organization and promising that next year will be different. This time I’m getting in the spirit early by setting aside time over the next few weeks to get thoroughly freaked out by watching a few classic scary movies. To that end, I’m pretty excited that Brooklyn Winery is presenting a triple feature screening the entire Evil Dead trilogy in succession this Tuesday starting at 7pm. An unknown, 22-year-old Sam Raimi directed the first film in 1981, displaying a preview of the talent that would later land him a spot among Hollywood’s elite, before following up with The Evil Dead II and Army of Darkness.  The cult classics follow the story of a group of college students who spend spring break in a cabin in Tennessee, where they discover an ancient book that unleashes a hellish entourage of evil demons. Sounds like just the ticket for a terrifying Tuesday night! The screening is free and you can buy wine, beer, and movie snacks from BK Winery’s ever-impressive menu.–K.H.

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