To Meme or Not to Meme


Whatever you might think about the way the election has been going this year, there’s one thing we can all agree on—the LOLs in our lives have skyrocketed thanks to the nonstop meme-ification of this year’s race. Where would we all be without “binders full of women,” Clint Eastwood’s chair, and Paul Ryan Gosling? Pay homage to these memes, as well as all the other glorious ones that have taken place this year, at the Bell House for the 4th Annual HallowMEME Party. The Internet’s glitterati will be turning out in painstakingly handmade costumes, for free drinks (for the first 200 guests), a costume contest judged by interwebz celebs like Tumblr’s Topherchris and Amanda Ferri, and, inevitably, a “Gangnam Style” dance-off. Come prepared for some serious creativity—previous popular costumes have included Nyan Cat and Women Laughing Alone with Salad, and as for me, I may have been practicing my McKayla is Not Impressed face for the past few weeks. RSVP for free here–C.A.

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  1. Gerald Stevensen -

    The LOLs in my life have plummeted ever since memes were co-opted by bullshit. No thank you.


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