Strictly Ballroom


Retro, vintage, nostalgia–call it what you will–but 19th-century style is long overdue for a comeback. We’ve beaten this whole 20th century thing into the ground, given our obsessions with 1920s flappers, the 1960s British invasion, 1970s punk rock, 1980s New Wave and so on. But this Friday at Brooklyn Fireproof you have your chance to get with the program at the 19th Century Society 2013 Extravaganza. It’s ballroom dancing all night long, so dress in your best 19th-century garb; grab your favorite waltzing partner; and get those feet moving. Show up early at 8pm for an hour-long lesson (for those of us who haven’t attended a proper ball in a while) and at 9pm, get ready to strut your stuff–it’s gonna be footloose all up in there. Buy your tickets now.

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