Go Hog Wild


That I still haven’t been to Briskettown is a source of personal shame, and I’m not even sure what my excuse is, but I’m going to just go ahead and blame the G train. As luck would have it, though, I can finally judge Daniel Delaney’s work for myself AND support a great cause at this Sunday’s Whole Hog Roast and Food Art Auction at Roberta’s. Delaney’s Kailua-style roasted hog will be the centerpiece of a Hawaiian feast, with accompanying side dishes from the folks at Maysville, Brooklyn Grange, Roberta’s and Court Street Grocers, a food establishment that I HAVE patronized more times than I care to admit. The entire affair is a benefit for Heritage Radio Network, a non-profit radio station that celebrates food and culture and broadcasts from repurposed shipping containers in Roberta’s backyard. There will be a silent auction for unique food art, which sounds like something worth investigating further, as well as a $10 raffle for an all-expenses paid dream trip to Seattle, organized by chef and restaurateur Tom Douglas. Tickets to the event start at $95 (but BB has some discounted tickets up for grabs), which guarantees you tons of food, cocktails, beer and a summer Sunday to remember. –KH

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