Comedy for Bilbliophiles


lizzSomehow it has completely escaped my notice until now that one of my favorite local shops, Park Slope’s Community Bookstore, is in the habit of closing up on the last Friday night of each month to host a night of stand-up and stories that are sometimes, but not always, book-related. Dan Wilbur and Ross Hyzer, both writer/comedians, created Two Book Minimum to provide a stage for some of their favorite fellow writer/comedians, and the list of participants in past shows is pretty impressive. This month’s lineup is especially exciting to me because it includes Daily Show creator/women’s rights activist/whip smart politico/Tweeter-extraordinaire Lizz Winstead, who is also a Brooklynite. The show starts at 9:30pm and is totally free, so be sure to swing by for some after-dinner laughs and inspiration.–KH

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