You Can Find Great Art in Greenpoint and Get Free Beer and Donuts to Boot


Local Hair Stylist, Elma Siljkovic, pulls the artwork off of the wall that she won at the event. "Everyone gets to get together and show a part of themselves," she said. Photo: Levi Sharpe

Local hair stylist, Elma Siljkovic, pulls the artwork off of the wall that she won at the event. “Everyone gets to get together and show a part of themselves,” she said. Photo: Levi Sharpe

Neighborhood gem Greenpoint Heights hosted its second Art Show Art Swap this Saturday. The seasonal show invites local artists to display their work and have it randomly exchanged raffle-style with other contributors. Anyone can attend and join in on the festivities, but to receive any art, you have to submit art yourself. There were 25 submissions in all types of mediums including drawing, painting, photography and printmaking.

Paige Young, 30, a bartender at Greenpoint Heights and organizer of the event, said that she initially created the show to give her and her artist friends an incentive to finish work. She also wanted to create a gallery space without the typical pretension associated with the art world. The only rule is to make something sincere and that you’re proud of, she said.

“I was trying to think of a way to have an art show and remove the ego of it,” said Young. “I think it’s really fun. Just let fate steer you to the piece that belongs in your house.”

Jason Roy, 29, a professional artist, said that he thought the random part of the art-exchange was one of the best parts of the event.

“I like how nobody gets to choose,” he said. “It’s like Secret Santa without the agenda.”

It also gave him motivation to finish work.

“We need more positive deadlines,” said Roy. “I’m constantly not finishing things. Thanks to this show I did.”

Even people who aren’t artists got inspired to submit.

“I never paint,” said Chuck Vandyck, 30, owner of Jimmy’s Diner in Greenpoint. “It takes me something like this to be visually creative.”

And those who just came to look at the art appreciated the low-key environment.

“It’s awesome to have an encouraging atmosphere,” said Evan Smith, 32, a writer and bartender. “And to have a range of artists from amateur to professional.”

Some even came all of the way across Brooklyn just to see the work.

“I think it’s a great idea,” said Rudi Munroe, 29, who lives on Staten Island. “I’m sad I didn’t know about it sooner. I might have tried to rustle something up.”

After you’ve demolished your donut and downed your beer, and the last of the art has been raffled away, you might just find yourself in the middle of a dance party.

“If the mood is right, we have a dance party,” said Young. “If it feels right. I don’t like to push it.”

The next Art Show Art Swap will take place on June 20, starting at 6pm, at Greenpoint Heights; 278 Nassau Ave. (between Morgan Ave. and Hausman St.).

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