By-Hand Culinary–expand your idea of the home-cooked meal


Expand your skill set in the kitchen--and have a little fun.

Expand your skill set in the kitchen–and have a little fun.

Foodie friends who love culinary experimentation. An experience you’ll remember long after the dishes have dried. New techniques to bring home to your own kitchen. A night with By-Hand Culinary combines all of these elements into one memorable party.

Chef Michelle Warner of By-Hand Culinary specializes in teaching cooking skills to food-lovers of all abilities, and she wants to help you spend a night with friends preparing a tasty home-cooked meal while learning something new.

Chef Michelle Warner can help you develop a wicked biscuit hand.

Chef Michelle Warner can help you develop a wicked biscuit hand.

Here’s how it works: The gift of an in-home cooking class means you’ll collaborate with Chef Michelle on the menu. She brings the ingredients, then guides everyone through a lesson in the kitchen. Then you all end the night by savoring the meal together.

A lesson from By-Hand Culinary is a creative, and refreshing option for bachelorette party, wedding shower or team-building exercise. Michelle will create a memorable evening in your home, office or anywhere that has a kitchen.

Michelle’s in-home packages:

–Cooking lesson and dinner
Two to six people, $85/student.
Includes ingredients, menu consultation, lesson, meal and recipe packet to recreate meal.

–Skills class for one kitchen household, $200 total
One-time cooking consultation and action plan for kitchen essentials.
Finish it off with tips to speed up your cooking. This service is best for one person but a couple can learn together for $50 more.

–Gift certificates
Let your favorite home cook pick their own experience. Or, use toward a farm dinner in the Hudson Valley come summer.

Don’t want a lesson at home? By-Hand Culinary works with venues like Rockaway Brewing Company in Long Island City and Humboldt & Jackson in Williamsburg to create:

–Cooking lesson or party for six to 40 people
Starts at $125/student
Includes venue, ingredients, menu consultation, lesson, meal and recipe packet.

By-Hand Culinary is expanding the idea of the home-cooked meal. Now you can too!

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