My best NYE in NYC: Diana Kolsky and Murf Meyer of Ménage à Trois Radio


We asked our contributors, friends and notable Brooklynites to share their favorite New Year’s in NYC. Here, Diana Kolsky and Murf Meyer tell us theirs. The comedians and real-life lovers perform at the UCB Theater and recently released the 146th episode of their podcast, Ménage à Trois Radio. In each, they chat about real and hypothetical sexcapades and sex-themed news with a special guest—download the Ilana Glazer or Amanda Duarte episodes for a raunchy intro.

Just for the record, the title of this photo is "NYE_MDMA2." Photo: Diana Kolsky and Murf Meyer

Jut a little foreshadowing: The title of this photo is “NYE_MDMA2.” Photo: Diana Kolsky and Murf Meyer

Brooklyn Based: What your best New Year’s Eve out in New York City, and was it together or separate?
Diana: Ours was together and it was a big night out. Probably five years ago or four.
Murph: It might have been maybe our first New Year’s together.
Diana: 2012, I think.
Murph: Some of the people from the comedy community, they throw a New Year’s Eve party every year and this one was in Midtown.
Diana: It was in Midtown at some horrible bar. I forget what it’s called. I want to say The Top Hat.
Murph: Or The Lame Horse.
Diana: It’s like The Old Beer, it’s something terrible.
Murph: It’s one of those lovely spots right by Madison Square Garden in Midtown, which is actually right where you want to be when the ball drops. [Ed. Note: No, he did not really mean this.]
Diana: My improv team at the time, Tesla, was throwing the party so we had to get there early and help out. But before we went, Murph decided to get a perm.
BB: Oh no.
Murph: Yeah. I thought, you know, what the hell, it was New Year’s Eve and I had grown my hair out pretty long at that point so I just wanted to try it. I’d never had one. I always am jealous of people with curly hair.
Diana: It was this tiny little Russian hole-in-the-wall salon near our apartment in South Slope.
Murph: Yeah. I didn’t really have the cash to go one of those fancy salons.
BB: I don’t think one of those fancy salons would have given you a perm.

The temp perm in progress. Photo: Diana Kolsky and Murf Meyer

Murf’s perm in progress. Photo: Diana Kolsky and Murf Meyer

Murph: Exactly, yeah. You’ve got to find the right spot and know the right people to get a perm these days.
Diana: I didn’t know perms were still a thing.
Murph: Well they barely are, because what I got was not really much of a perm. It just felt more like just unevenly wavy hair that started to fall apart by the end of the night.
Diana: It was completely straight by the end of the night. It wasn’t even as permanent as wedding hair.
Murph: No. I think it was a temp actually.
Diana: A temp perm?
Murph: I think it was more of a temporary than a perm.
Diana: So we go to this party and I’m in this trashy sequin dress and Murph’s in this leisure suit from the 70’s, and he has a perm. And then our friend Molly gave us molly.
Murph: Yeah, yeah.
Diana: And we basically just made out on the dance floor for 10 hours. I think I might have just pulled Mark’s perm out, it was so tactilely interesting to me.
Murph: You were just rubbing until it just straightened it out.
Diana: I rubbed his perm out with my hands. My sweaty hands, my germ paws. And then we came home [laughs].
Murph: It was really crowded by midnight time. The whole bar was slammed, but I think we were just kind of in our own…
Diana: World.
Murph: One of our friends told us afterward that the midnight kiss for us went on for 25 minutes.
Diana: It felt like we were sucking better air out of each other’s faces, which is really weird and gross, but it was …
Murph: We were just kind of in our own world. That’s what molly will do sometimes.
Diana: But then we come home and Murf smokes a little weed and falls asleep like a baby, and I just laid in bed and had a panic attack and fantasized about cutting my own head off.
Murph: Diana doesn’t deal with the comedown that well.
Diana: It was a rough way to start a new year. Murph had a half a perm. I was in a mental institution. It was great.

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