Explore the history of witchcraft with Think Olio


On Hallows eve, respect must be paid. To whom? Why, to witches, of course. We’re not talking Sabrina, Bellatrix, or Samantha either. On Monday night, head on over to Chinatown Soup and sit down with professor Jaimie Weida to talk about the real history of witchcraft, its neo-pagan beginnings, the science behind its teachings, and what Halloween truly represents. A formally initiated witch,  Weida will also be available for tarot card readings after class. (Unfamiliar with Think Olio? We profiled them last October!)

Traversing the Veil: Alchemy, Wisdom, and the Modern Witch, October 30 at 7:30pm, Chinatown Soup. Tickets are $15.

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