Slate talks about money, food, and economics at The Brooklyn Podcast Festival


On some level, I know that never bothering to figure out how to rollover a 401K from three jobs ago or summarily tuning out anyone who ever starts talking about the Fed is not behavior that ultimately benefits me. It’s probably why I’m always low-key searching for something that will pique even a kernel of my interest when it comes to financial stuff. Is Slate’s Money podcast, hosted by Felix Salmon, Anna Szymanski, and Jordan Weissmann, the thing that is finally going to get me to pay attention? We’ll see, but it might be a good move to attend the podcast’s live taping at the Bell House’s first annual Brooklyn Podcast Festival on Wednesday night at 7:30pm. This edition will be focused on the food industry, which god knows is where half my money goes on a regular basis, so it will be especially useful, and food writer Francis Lam and Nix owner James Truman are on the slate as well. Tickets are $25 apiece.

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