Opening reception for Solid Light Works


New York-based artist Anthony McCall has been creating massive installations that blur the lines between sculpture, cinema, and drawing since the 70’s, and his works have been shown at some of the most well-known museums all over the world. His pieces, which are oriented both vertically and horizontally and involve ever-shifting light beams projected into haze, are so sizable that they can only be displayed in a venue with at least 30-foot high ceilings, so the massive main hall at Red Hook’s Pioneer Works is the perfect space for Solid Light Works, his first institutional exhibit in New York. Check the show out for yourself on Friday from 7-9pm, at a free Opening Reception. Afterwards, you’ll be in prime position to ring in the long weekend with one of my all-time favorite combos: Dinner at Hometown Bar B Que followed by a couple of PBRs at Sunny’s Bar.

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