Art to take on the Travel Ban


It is a critical time to celebrate the arts in our country in general, and artists who have roots in the seven countries on the Muslim Ban 1.0 list (Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen) in particular deserve our support and recognition. On Friday, Jan. 26, a new group art show opens at Bushwick’s ArtHelix featuring works created by about a dozen artists from that community. Before We Were Banned seeks to explore the relationship of the artists to a country they call home which actively opposes their existence. Friday’s opening reception runs from 6-9pm and the show will be on exhibit through Sunday; admission is free.

If you head there on an empty stomach, you could make a pitstop at one of the “flavor concentration booths” at nearby Ichiran, and slurp a superb bowl of pork tonkatsu ramen before you go.

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