MoMA minus the crowds


A birds’ eye view of Haegue Yang’s ‘Handles’ at MoMA. Photo: Nicole Davis

I kept my distance from the new MoMA out of fear of lines and crowds, until Sunday. Despite the warning on the website to avoid the early morning lines and arrive at 11am, I took a chance and arrived around 9:45, when the museum doors were open but the galleries were not. I bought a ticket in a second, then queued up in front of the elevators to wait for the guards to welcome us through at 10, heading straight for the special exhibits on the 6th floor, and working my way down through the “Masters” to the present day. The entire experience was a breeze, and beautifully quiet, which could have been a total fluke or the fact that most people don’t like to leave their homes early on a Sunday. The only hitch with coming so early is that you’ll miss the 4pm performance of Haegue Yang’s Handles, life-size sculptures with bells and wheels that are “activated” daily, but you can save that for an afternoon visit.

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