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Moving away from Williamsburg requires a gentrification tag sale. Photo: Judy McGuire

You’ll find genuine artifacts of middle-class life, plus plenty of vitriol at a gentrification tag sale. Photo: Judy McGuire

After 20 years in Brooklyn I was finally priced out of my borough this summer—much like I’d been priced out of Manhattan two decades earlier. It’s a typical NYC story, but unlike the couples profiled in the most recent eye-roller of a NY Times story on the phenom, my man and I weren’t in a position to lick our wounds in a $500k Jersey City loft.

While Williamsburg has been the butt of five bazillion jokes, I was born in New Jersey, so I’m used to being at the ass-end of a funny. Yes, Bedford Avenue has fancy cheeses and boys in too-tight, ill-fitting women’s skinny slacks to mock, but I’d lived there for two decades and I was kind of attached to the four walls I’d painted loud colors, to the ridiculously specific restaurants, to the little community my neighbors and I had become. I mean, how lucky was I to have one of my closest friends in the same building, just one floor away?

Growing up, my family moved around every few years, so until I landed on North 11th Street, I never really had any place that I considered home. But this place was big enough for one person (though it eventually housed two humans, and three felines) and cheap enough that I could afford it on my own, which was key as a freelancer with a rollercoaster-like income. After five or six years, I started to consider it my home and instead of freaking out at the commitment, I liked it.

I loved it, actually. (more…)

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Sponsored By Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce.

The Brooklyn-Made Awards allows us to highlight and celebrate the best of what Brooklyn has to offer.

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Earlier this summer, the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce launched Brooklyn-Made, a certification program for locally made goods. Now they are seeking nominations for their annual Brooklyn-Made Awards, on October 29. The awards recognize businesses for their achievements and positive contributions to their local communities. Nominees will need to have at least one product certified Brooklyn-Made, and all those with Brooklyn-Made Gold certifications are automatically entered. Nominate yourself or a friend – the application deadline is October 2.

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599461_383773011685728_1995640762_nHolly Howard is our go-to business consultant. She’s helped countless small businesses in Brooklyn and beyond (including us here at Brooklyn Based) with her expertise and know-how. This summer, in an unprecedented program, 10 small businesses in Red Hook, Brooklyn have come together to work as a community to grow their businesses through Holly’s From Artisan to Entrepreneur® Business Growth Program.  This program was made possible through the generous support from ReStore Red HookNew York Business Development Corporation, and Southwest Brooklyn Industrial Development Corporation. Over the next 10 weeks, Holly will dedicate her weekly advice column to a specific business in Red Hook that is participating in her in hopes that their journeys will bring enlightenment and inspiration to your business as well. This week she fields a question from the owners of The Good Fork.

Dear Holly,

We’re working on our marketing strategy and trying to refine the tactics we use.  Part of our strategy includes sending out email newsletters.  Our question to you is how often should a restaurant send out an e-mail blast to its list?  We want to stay in people’s minds but we don’t want to pester them!   (more…)

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brooklyn-antiques-book-fair-brooklyn-expo-center-greenpoint-carrie-angela-davisFramont Fine Art; Carrie, first edition inscribed by Stephen King; Paris, French design portfolio;
New Orleans Recipes; Village Braider; Angela Davis Poster

Sponsored By Brooklyn Antiques & Book Fair.

The brand new Brooklyn Expo Center is hosting the first ever Brooklyn Antiques & Book Fair September 13-14.

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Are you a vintage fiend? The Brooklyn Antiques & Book Show, Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 13-14, will be displaying and selling furniture, jewelry, paintings, pottery, prints, vintage and antiquarian books on every subject, prints, manuscripts and more. The fair will be at Greenpoint’s new Brooklyn Expo Center.

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Network television returns in a few weeks, after the long summer break. What to binge watch on a cool(ish) autumn night before all those cliffhangers get resolved? Here are seven suggestions from moody procedurals to bawdy comedies.


Broad City  If you somehow didn’t get caught up in the hubbub surrounding last winter’s debut of Broad City, the Amy Poehler-produced comedy about two very funny best friends muddling through their lives as mid-20s New Yorkers, you’ve got all fall to catch up before the second season airs in 2015. Abbi Jacobsen and Ilana Glazer, the show creators and stars, are UCB alums with a knack for turning the most mundane aspects of modern urban existence (overeager personal trainers, losing your iPhone, missing the FedEx delivery guy) into laugh-out-loud-even-when-you’re-watching-alone-in-your-apartment moments. Arrested Development was the last comedy that made me actually laugh the way Broad City does, and I’m planning to rewatch the entire first season to re-experience the awkward parkour, the wedding episode, the running gag that has the girls requesting ”mid-90s hip hop” any time a DJ appears (yes! I do this too!), and any scene involving Hannibal Buress.  Available for free on comedycentral.com. –Kate Hooker

timthumb (1)

Whitechapel and more BBC Crime Drama Fun More than just a better-than-average, often very creepy BBC crime drama, Whitechapel is also a classic odd couple pairing combining the uptight, obsessive-compulsive Detector Inspector Joseph Chandler, and his garrulous, copper’s cop of a right-hand man, Detective Superintendent Ray Miles. For political reasons, D.I. Chandler has been dumped in Whitechapel, an out-0f-the-way, working class neighborhood in London, best known as the former haunt of Jack the Ripper. Although his team distrusts him as a posh interloper at first (always the class undercurrents with BBC shows), they come to devise an unconventional approach to tracking down Whitechapel’s most twisted criminals, employing a scholar of criminal history along the way. If you come to the end of Whitechapel, consider watching Wallander, another BBC show I love, starring Kenneth Branagh as Kurt Wallander, a moody, vaguely doomed detective. Also, it’s a British drama that is supposed to take place in Sweden, and every home, office and police station is full of clean, beautiful modernist design. Finally, if you’re a national security nerd, a journalism nerd, or just plain BBC nerd, watch State of Play–Bill Nighy, undersung hero of the big and small screens, as an arch newspaper editor will make you squeal with delight. All three are available on Hulu; Wallander is also available commercial-free on Netflix. –Annaliese Griffin


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Immersion photo by Alison Brockhouse

Spend the day drinking with us, and your favorite group of friends, during the Total Bushwick Immersion. Photo: Alison Brockhouse

So many festivals, so little time. The Beat Festival kicks off tomorrow with site-specific shows throughout Brooklyn, like a dance performance that takes its audience on an evening tour of Green-Wood Cemetery. Lovers of Nordic food will want to dig into The North Festival, which brings Scandinavian cooking demos and dinners to New York, including a beer-paired dinner at Brooklyn Brewery (get 30% off tickets with the code BROOKLYN at purchase). Nonesuch Records at BAM , a celebration of the adventurous music label’s 50th year, is also underway, and tickets for the Escape Music Fest, coming to Red Hook in October and featuring Yeasayer and Girl Talk, are on sale now.(Speaking of tickets, have you gotten yours for the Eugene Mirman Comedy Fest yet?) It’s not just festivals on the horizon—the week to come is full of big anniversaries, launch parties, even the start of a revolution. (more…)

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Sponsored By 92Y.

Join Rabbi Dan Ain and Jeremiah Lockwood at Roulette to celebrate the high holidays, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

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The High Holidays are a time steeped in tradition, with prayers and chants passed down through generations. An exciting way to celebrate holidays is through music. Rabbi Dan Ain does just that when he leads Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services with musician Jeremiah Lockwood in a blend of blues and Jewish chant. You can join them in celebration at High Holy Days services September 25th and October 3rd and 4th at Roulette in Boerum Hill.

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Bear in Heaven (Dustin Condren)

Bear in Heaven (Dustin Condren)

There’s a tendency in many bands to push the same sound over and over again without ever breaking any new ground. Brooklyn indie electronic-rock band Bear in Heaven is the exception to that rule. Since their 2007 debut, Red Bloom of the Boom, the group has continued to progress stylistically with each record, from experimental beginnings to something more accessible, and even danceable.

“The culture in the band is never to repeat,” says the band’s guitarist/bassist Adam Wills. “Or repeat what we like and get rid of what we don’t and always try to make different music. Our personal tastes in music are extremely varied, so we’re always just squeezing in little influences and ideas and trying to push the envelope in some scenarios. In Red Bloom of the Boom, we were pushing envelopes structurally…and now we’re experimenting with a little bit more reigned in song lengths and actually throwing in choruses. And that’s experimental to us. So don’t ever repeat yourself, that’s our kind of unspoken motto, I guess. ” (more…)

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brooklyn-antiques-book-fair-brooklyn-expo-center-greenpoint-Marjorie-Strider-tableware-cat-in-the-hat-dr-seussGirl with Yellow Rose, Marjorie Stridervintage tableware; Village Braider;
The Cat in the Hat, Dr. Seuss, first edition first printing

Sponsored By Brooklyn Antiques & Book Fair.

The brand new Brooklyn Expo Center is hosting the first ever Brooklyn Antiques & Book Fair September 13-14.

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Maybe you’re one of those people who, no matter where you find yourself, has to stop into any used bookstore you see. Or, maybe you can’t pass a shop with mid-century furniture or vintage jewelry. After all, what if there’s a first edition of Sister Carrie hiding in a stack, just waiting to be discovered? What if there’s an amazing lamp or rare Heywood Wakefield coffee table that will complete your living room?

If that sounds like you, you should know about the Brooklyn Antiques and Book Fair, coming to the brand-new, 40,000-square-foot Brooklyn Expo Center in Greenpoint, Sept. 13-14, 10am to 5pm. More than 100 antiques dealers and rare book sellers will be at the event, peddling their wares. (more…)