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Squash and turnip pierogies at Korzo come filled with either wild mushrooms or herbed sheep's cheese. Photo: Jillian Capewell

Squash and turnip pierogies at Korzo come filled with either wild mushrooms or herbed sheep’s cheese. Photo: Jillian Capewell

It arrives earlier and with more abundance each year—pumpkin-spice season. Flavoring everything, from cookies, to cream cheese, to local beer, to much-maligned-as-of-late pumpkin spice lattes that have become a sure sign of sweater-weather, pumpkin, the faker the better it seems, has become shorthand for fall.

While we love actual pumpkin, in soup, curry, pie and even ice cream, like Hay Rosie’s Pumpkinapalooza, the focus on its most sickeningly sweet iteration, amidst the bounty of fall fruits and vegetables, is culinary tunnel vision. Here’s a whole menu of pumpkin spice-free, but fall-ready flavors from around Brooklyn. (more…)

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insurance-claim-documentation-gotham-brokerage-brooklyn-nycKeep for referenceKeith Fujimoto via Flickr

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Just as you wouldn’t expect to win a lawsuit without evidence, you shouldn’t expect to make an insurance claim without documentation. Don’t throw away damaged property before an adjuster has had a look—especially if there has been a flood or fire. Gotham Brokerage’s insurance professionals can give you the right information and help you find the coverage you need.

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These bottles lining the back bar of the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club contain barrel-aged Barr Hill Gin, soon to debut in a cocktail called The Bee’s Knees. Photo: Clay Williams

Before the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club opened in Gowanus, shuffleboard was an activity you associated with Florida retirement homes. Now Royal Palms is one of the hottest spots in South Brooklyn, best known for its sprawling shuffleboard courts, but it also has one of the borough’s most sophisticated cocktail programs. Designed by general manager Tim Judge, a longtime South Brooklyn resident who previously co-owned Sweetwolf’s in Park Slope, the cocktails are all “vacation-inspired,” but they are also heavy on craft, employing homemade syrups and small-batch spirits, some of which they’re barrel-aging themselves.

“When I first tasted [Vermont-based] Barr Hill Gin, which is essentially an old Tom gin that’s finished with the farm’s raw honey, I was curious what a heavy charred barrel would offer. So we gave it a try,” Tim said. “This gin is made from mostly juniper whose flavor tastes fantastic after some time in wood. It changes the color and complexity wonderfully.”

The gin, which Tim started barreling in February, will debut soon in a cocktail called The Bee’s Knees. He’s also using the same barrels to age mezcal, adding Luxardo marischino liqueur and Chartreuse for a drink called The Last Word. Using the same barrels for the gin and the mezcal means that you’ll be able to taste the background notes of juniper in the aged mezcal cocktail; the aging also downplays the sometimes-overwhelming smokiness of the mezcal.

Judge recently invited Brooklyn Based to a tasting and made our heads spin with selections from the Royal Palms’ curated cocktail list. We asked him to spill a few of his craft secrets. (more…)

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The foliage is in its full glory at Mohonk Mountain preserve right now. Photo: Evan Groll

The foliage is in its full glory at Mohonk Mountain preserve right now. Photo: Evan Groll

As much as we love New York City, and as ideal as it is for many things, it is not the best place to enjoy fall foliage and get that taste of the outdoors that even the most seasoned city dwellers need from time to time. Here are two easy trips north where you can take full advantage of this gorgeous autumn. Both are much easier done by car, but if you want an autumn hike you can do completely car-free, check out this adventure in Peekskill, with foliage and beer.  (more…)

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October in New York City means the arrival of the CMJ Music Marathon. This year, as always, the list for the five-day music festival is extensive. So extensive, in fact, that you’d probably be well advised to take two or three coffee breaks while scanning the schedule, which features more than 1,300 live performances. Before you get lost in the shuffle and give up all together, check out four shows that we’ve deemed can’t-miss. And if these four shows aren’t enough, our music writers have 11 more they want you to go see, plus a playlist.


10/16/14 9:39am
Courtney Barnett (Grandstand HQ)

Courtney Barnett Photo: Grandstand HQ

On an already busy month in New York music-wise (and we’re not just talking about CMJ), indie music fans can expect a lot of bang for their bucks with these two acts, one from Australia and the other from right here in Brooklyn, sharing a bill at Webster Hall next week. (more…)

10/16/14 8:03am
The CMJ app lets you save the shows you want to see, and reminds you of them 15 minutes before showtime.

The CMJ app lets you save the shows you want to see, and reminds you of them 15 minutes before doors open.

To get an idea of how vast the lineup of bands is during the CMJ Music Marathon, we asked three music writers to name their top picks, and not one mentioned the same show. Regina Mogilevskaya singled out her must-see showcases here, and our other resident music enthusiasts, Alexander Jordan and Lindsey Rhoades, who also edits AudioFemme, chose their favorite bands below—because you can never have enough new music in your life, or fresh tunes for your playlist. Here are 11 more contenders for your concert calendar next week, and a playlist to help you decide which bands to hear. You can use the CMJ app to create your own schedule. (more…)

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Get outside this weekend and explore Gowanus during its open studios event, filled with art walks like a tour of the area's four Groundswell murals. Photo: Groundswell

Get outside this weekend and explore Gowanus during its open studios event, filled with art walks like a tour of the area’s four Groundswell murals. Photo: Groundswell

The weather gods really put a damper on the last two Saturdays, so take full advantage of the sunny weather this weekend. You could carve out time to explore Gowanus Open Studios, which kicks off with an opening ceremony at Gowanus Ballroom on Friday, followed by open studios Saturday and Sunday, and artist- and curator-led tours. Or work in some leaf-peeping with a day trip to Storm King before it closes for the season. Until the blue skies ahead, there is a blow-out birthday bash on Thursday for Brokelyn, which is celebrating five years on the internet (that’s like 10 years in print!) and Funny Story is back at Brooklyn Brewery on Thursday too, featuring a casting director, a comedian and a sex-educator. Of course.

One of the many events we were looking forward to in our October Fun Map is tonight at Greenlight Bookstore, where the book launch of Never Can Say Goodbye, a collection of essays by writers professing their unshakeable love for this town, will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy about the city. Need some more reasons to love Brooklyn this week? We’ve got plenty. (more…)

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"Stations of the Elevated" opens at BAM this Friday. Photo: BAM

“Stations of the Elevated” opens at BAM this Friday. Photo: BAM

Stations of the Elevated is a weird film, to be perfectly blunt. If you have more than a passing interest in graffiti and the evolution of street art in New York City, then you’ve probably seen the documentary Style WarsStations, which has been billed as “the earliest filmed document of graffiti,” by BAM, where it opens Friday for a one-week run, is nothing like that.

An entirely visual exploration of the graffiti that festooned New York City’s subway cars when it was filmed in 1977, Stations makes no explicit comment on graffiti or the culture surrounding it, features no footage of people painting tags on subway cars or anything else, and has zero interviews. It’s all just footage of cars, in a trainyard in the Bronx and rolling through elevated stations, intercut with footage of billboards also visible from those stations, all set to a soundtrack by Charles Mingus.  (more…)

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Long before Halloween became a highly commercialized annual ritual of plastic costumes, candy and horror films, the aura of the supernatural associated with All Hallows Eve was celebrated on the page in Washington Irving’s famous tale, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Irving’s legacy, including  including Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman, continues to shine on through many re-tellings, including the Tim Burton-directed film Sleepy Hollow and the current hit Fox drama series of the same name.

Now those beloved tales and more from the 19th century New York author are featured in a newly-published collection from Penguin Classics, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Other Stories. This edition features an introduction and notes by author Elizabeth L. Bradley, who is a consultant to Historic Hudson Valley, the caretakers of Irving’s Tarrytown estate. Bradley will take part in two events tied to the book’s release: this Thursday, Oct. 16 at Brooklyn’s Morbid Anatomy Museum’s Headless Horseman Variety Show; and on Oct. 29 at the Center for Fiction for a reading of Sleepy Hollow with authors Lev Grossman (who we recently interviewed), Megan Abbott, Randy Cohen and Tonya Hurley. These are opportunities to become reacquainted with an old classic starring the famously terrifying Headless Horseman, who existed years before Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger.

Author Elizabeth Bradley will appear this Thursday for the Headless Horseman Variety Show at the Morbid Anatomy Musem, 424A 3rd Ave., Brooklyn, 8pm; and on Oct. 29 at the Center for Fiction, 17 E. 47th St., Manhattan, 7pm.